Upcoming Events

Data Visualisation Training Course

1 May 2024

Webinar: Data Ethics

Learn how to design attractive reports that best communicate the desired story with data. Hosted by our founding sponsor Altis Consulting. 

Early Bird Pricing Ends 1st April 2024

CDAO Sydney

(Data4Good Partner Event)

7-8 May 2024

Webinar: Data Ethics

Be part of the data revolution by using data and AI to transform your business DNA. Influence change by providing the data building blocks that will enable your enterprise to become a world-class digital ecosystem with revolutionary decision-making capability.

Dimensional Modelling Training Course

8-9 May 2024

Webinar: Data Ethics

Gain a solid foundation in best practice Dimensional Modelling. Hosted by our founding sponsor Altis Consulting.

Early Bird Pricing Ends 8th April 2024 

Power BI Dashboard in a Day Training Course

15 May 2024

Webinar: Data Ethics

Learn how to prepare your data, build a Power BI dashboard, and publish it in one day! Hosted by our founding sponsor Altis Consulting. 

Early Bird Pricing Ends 15th April 2024

SQL Foundations Training Course

22 May 2024

Webinar: Data Ethics

Learn the fundamentals of SQL & how to communicate with relational databases. Hosted by our founding sponsor Altis Consulting. 

Early Bird Pricing Ends 22nd April 2024

Data Literacy Training Course

29 May 2024

Webinar: Data Ethics

Learn the fundamentals of ‘speaking data’ and give yourself greater confidence to manage and present data in your work. Hosted by our founding sponsor Altis Consulting. 

Early Bird Pricing Ends 29th April 2024

Past Events

Webinar: Teaching Teachers – Getting Confident to Start Teaching AI

Thursday 24th November, 2022

Webinar: Data Ethics

This is AI/ML 101 for teachers. Sharing from her vast data background with a passion to get kids involved, Catriona Botterill shows you why this is essential teaching and how it covers the curriculum, demystifying what is meant by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and has given some ideas about activities you can feel comfortable taking your students through. 

Webinar: Saving Tassie Devils – Using Machine Learning for Good

Wednesday 18th May, 2022

Webinar: Data Ethics

Phoebe, a volunteer for Data4Good and Senior Consultant for our founding sponsor, Altis Consulting, is working on the team that is using Machine Learning in a bid to recognise tassie devils from imagery taken out in the field with the aim to assess population health.

Webinar: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Wednesday 16th February, 2022

Webinar: Data Ethics

This webinar highlights recent achievements in scientific data and the passionate women that are making waves in the Science Community. Emma Rath from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute speaks on studying disease causing mutations and Dr. Vanessa Pirotta talks about how her passion for research has improved wildlife conservation.

Webinar: International Day of People with Disability

Wednesday 8th December, 2021

Webinar: Data Ethics

This webinar was inspired by the International Day of People with Disability, held in December each year. Professor Julian Trollor from the School of Psychiatry at UNSW and David Braddock from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare about how they are using disability data to improve policy, service delivery and advocate for change.


Webinar: Using supply chain data for good

Thursday 14th October, 2021

Webinar: Data Ethics

This webinar explored how we can leverage supply chain data to understand the connections between our consumption patterns and their impacts. After an overview of one methodology which unlocks the power of this data, we looked at some research findings which challenge us to consider the environmental and social impacts of our everyday consumption choices.


Webinar: Measuring biodiversity to unlock natural capital markets

Wednesday 15th September, 2021

Webinar: Data Ethics

Accounting for Nature® is a registered charity driven by the goal to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life on Land. With accurate and transparent environmental data, individuals and organisations can confidently and publicly support their sustainability claims as they work to conserve and restore our natural world.


Webinar: Renewable Energy Opportunities For Australia

Wednesday 11th August, 2021

Webinar: Data Ethics

This webinar was inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal – Affordable and Clean Energy, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Learn about global trends, current and emerging renewable technologies including green hydrogen, and renewable energy opportunities for Australia.

Webinar: Using Ocean Data To Help Understand Climate Change

Monday 7th June, 2021

Webinar: Data Ethics

This webinar was inspired by World Ocean Day which unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our blue planet. The oceans are the master regulators of the water cycle, climate, the oxygen that we breathe, and even most of our food that we grow, making it our most valuable natural resource. Prof. Matthew England discusses “The ocean’s pay-back from global warming” and Prof. Robert Harcourt will show us how we can benefit from “Animals as the New Oceanographers”​

Webinar: Data Ethics – What is it and why does it matter?

Wednesday 5th May, 2021

Webinar: Data Ethics

Our Data Ethics webinar kickstarts a conversation about ethical data practice and ways to ‘make the invisible visible’ by remaining alert to who (and what) is missing, under-represented or mis-represented in data in any given context.

Webinar: World Wildlife Day – Using Data to Inform and Drive Wildlife Conservation

Thursday 4th March, 2021

Webinar: World Wildlife Day

Our World Wildlife Day raises awareness of the issues we face and the data being used to drive wildlife conservation efforts. We heard how data is being used in the reintroduction of locally extinct mammals into Sturt National Park and the FrogID App, how citizen science has helped to monitor species numbers.

Webinar: Gender Equity – How Organisations Use Gender Data to Drive Change

Wednesday 3rd February, 2021

Webinar: Gender Equity

Inspired by International Equal Pay Day, this webinar recognises the longstanding and ongoing efforts towards the achievement of equal pay for work of equal value. Dr Bredehoeft discussed WGEA data, how organisations use gender data to drive change and in particular, what drives the reduction in the gender pay gap.

Webinar: How to get the most out of your charity data

Monday 7th September, 2020

Webinar: International Day of Charity

International Day of Charity is to raise awareness and provide a common platform for charity related activities all over the world for individuals, charitable, philanthropic and volunteer organizations. This webinar focused on moving from data hoarding to data insights, getting the most out of your limited data resources and overcoming any data roadblocks.

Webinar: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Monday 10th August, 2020

Webinar: International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

The UN’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples aims to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population. The first webinar focused on the Maori population of New Zealand and the second, on the first peoples of Australia.

Webinar: Using Data to Prevent Trafficking

Thursday 30th July, 2020

Webinar: World Day against Trafficking in Persons

July 30 is the UN’s World Day against Trafficking in Persons. People trafficking and modern day slavery is a massive worldwide problem with very few countries immune to human trafficking. It occurs right here in Australia and New Zealand, and our Data4Good World Day against Trafficking in Persons webinar raises awareness in order to inspire people to use data to take action.

Webinar: World Population Day

Friday 10th July, 2020

Webinar: World Population Day

With a focus on leveraging data and technology in innovative ways to benefit individuals, organisations and communities, this webinar was led by two amazing speakers – Michael Frost from AIHW and Jannat Maqbool from Smart Cities Council ANZ.

Webinar: World Environment Day

Friday 5th June, 2020

Webinar: World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. There’s some amazing data being captured on the environment, and being aware of it can be the catalyst for organisations to understand where opportunities lie to help protect our environment.

We-BEE-nar: World Bee Day

Wednesday 20th May, 2020

Webinar: World Bee Day

A fascinating insight into how having the right data can guide steps to take to ensure healthy bees, presented by someone who has ultimate knowledge about how bees think and behave.

Data4Good Conference Auckland

Thursday, 14th November, 2019

Auckland Data4Good Conference

Data case studies from individuals who have made a real impact in their workplace. Speakers included Tania Brown from the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility, Janette Searle, the founder of Take My Hands, and Hīria Te Rangi, the CEO and Trustee of Whare Hauora.

Datathon: Hackt for Impact

Saturday, 9th November, 2019

Auckland Data4Good Conference

We partnered with Civita to host our first Data4Good Datathon. Datathons provide an opportunity for volunteers to collaborate on real-world data problems, present their ideas and build solutions to deliver tangible results. This event helped provide solutions for The Black Dog InstituteVariety the Children’s Charity and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Meetup – Auckland Data4Good Forum

Thursday, 15th August, 2019

Auckland Data4Good Conference

Steven MacLeod ~ EcoTrack App and experienced Eco Warrior Entrepreneur hosted the first Auckland meetup. Steven is passionate about protecting New Zealand’s wildlife and environment and has spent countless hours creating and app and gathering data to help with this mission.

Meetup – Using Data to Prevent Human Trafficking

Tuesday, 30th July, 2019

Auckland Data4Good Conference

We heard from some great speakers about how they are using data to help prevent human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Hosted by Sally Irwin – Freedom Hub,  Kimberly Randle – Fair Supply, Belinda Flatters – Baptist World Aid & Heidi Nash-Smith – Head of Pro Bono at Wotton + Kearney.

Sydney Data4Good Conference

Thursday, 28th March, 2019

Auckland Data4Good Conference

A day filled with inspiration, providing valuable perspectives and innovative ideas from experts utilising data to make a positive impact. Presenters represented various industries including the environment, health, and communities, and showcased speakers from organizations such as Thankyou., the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration.