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“Of the many advantages technology has introduced to business owners, few compare to the power of data.” – Forbes

Charities often don’t have the budget to hire a data team, but that doesn’t diminish what they’re trying to achieve, the challenges they face with data or the complexity of data within their organisation. If anything, these are the groups we all most want to succeed – those that address the many issues of society, whose purpose is to tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and who are taking action towards our collective goal to make the world a better place. We manage free data projects and provide data expert volunteers to these organisations. 

Your organisation has an opportunity to play an active role in tackling these goals, promote Corporate Social Responsibility, highlight your values, inspire your staff, and use your profit for purpose by becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Data4Good. Corporate Sponsorships help us increase our impact and support more organisations in need of data help. View our About Us and Projects sections to find out more about what we do.  


(Ongoing Sponsorship)


– Embed the Data4Good philosophy into your company culture

– Your logo featured on our website Sponsors section

– Your logo featured in our newsletters and relevant social media

– Dedicated story about your organisation on our website and shared on social media

– Representative on our Project Selection Board

– Optional team building data project

– D4G Merch: 10 x Data4Good hat, t-shirt and reusable coffee cup

– Data4Good virtual badge for you to use on external communications

$50,000+ Annually



(Web Service Sponsorship)


– Sponsor a page on our site:
Volunteers, Stories, Datasets.
(Max 3 sponsors per page)

– “Page brought to you by ”: Your logo & a link to your website

– Your logo featured in our newsletters and relevant social media

– Dedicated story about your organisation on our website and shared on social media

– D4G Merch: 5 x Data4Good hat, t-shirt and reusable coffee cup

$20,000+ Annually



(Project Sponsorship)


– Sponsor a Project

– Your logo on our Projects Page

– Mention in project outcomes & announcements

$10,000+ per Project


Byte size

(Event Sponsorship)


– Sponsor a one-off event: Webinar, Datathon, Competition etc.

$5,000+ per Event


Team Building With Purpose

(for data professionals only)


– Hands-On help

– Supply your own employees to form a data team

– Logo + mention in project case study once project is complete

We’re in the midst of the Great Resignation – employees changing jobs to ensure their time is spent on their passion and their purpose. What if they could have the best of both worlds?
You supply your own employees (typically 3-5) to work together as time allows over several months to complete a project. We spend some time with you to find out your current CSR partnerships, the values and mission of your organisation, and what goals you’d want as outcomes for the project. We then bring you together with a charity that aligns with your CSR values and goals.



Thank You to our Sponsors

Thank You to our Data Heroes

Data Heroes are individuals who support Data4Good’s emerging school programs. Our future and the future of the next generations depends on what we do today. It is vitally important that kids understand the power of data and develop a connection with the environment and other causes to help frame the best current world to define the future world. We want these kids who are passionate about social causes to be our future data experts. We are currently exploring ways to be involved in the school curriculum, supporting competition awards to encourage participation and learning, and working on material to help educate in an interesting way.

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