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Data4Good’s mission is to inspire and enable people so that we can use our skills and passion to benefit humanity


We help not-for-profits with their data projects free of change, increasing social impact through reducing poverty, suffering and helping disadvantaged communities


Corporate Responsibility

Drive change within your current role – we offer purposeful team building and encourage corporates to sponsor and be involved in projects and events


Inspiring Change

We want to share the potential of data to make the world a better place. We create, find and share feel-good data stories and projects to inspire


“I went to the session on modern slavery a few weeks ago and have connected with slavefreetrade as a volunteer, thanks to you.  I just wanted to say thanks for having such interesting topics and for connecting people”

– Suzanne Slegers, SpearheadData

About Us

Inspired by Datakind’s model of encouraging corporations to use data to better the world, Data4Good is a Not-For-Profit that has built a following of passionate data professionals who seek to use their data skills for purpose rather than profit. We wanted to put a spotlight on this movement in Australia and New Zealand and through events, knowledge sharing, and projects connecting resources and organisations, Data4Good strives to make data solutions universally accessible for businesses focussed on solving community and global issues.

Working closely with data and emerging technology we can see there is so much underutilised data out there that could be harnessed to create a positive impact on health, education, human rights, the environment and much more.

Our mission is to bring amazing people together to help create this change and we would love for you to join us on our journey.

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