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Got data skills and you’re not afraid to use ’em? Great! Keen to help not-for-profits in their mission to do good by flexing those skills on data project(s)? Super duper! Got data skills and you are afraid to use them but you want to help out not-for-profits… well get in touch anyway 😉

At Data4Good we aim to empower not-for-profits to get more insights out of their data, without the cost of resourcing being a prohibitive factor.

The sorts of skills/roles that can be matched to projects include business intelligence, data science, data modelling, project management, anything with “data” in the title, designers, story tellers…if you think you can help then it’s worth getting in touch and we’ll see what projects and roles we have available.

Send your CV and link to your LinkedIn profile along with a short write-up of why you’re keen to volunteer, what sort of projects you’d be interested in, and what skills you bring that you think would be most useful to connect@data4good.com.au

Tasmanian Nature Company

The Tasmanian Nature Company – Saving the Tasmanian devil is one of the world’s great wildlife conservation projects. This is a real life and death challenge, not just to save a species, but to understand the nature of a new and terrible form of cancer.

Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) is a fatal, transmissible cancer, first observed in Tasmanian devils in the mid 1990s. The illness, which is characterised by the appearance of obvious facial cancers in infected devils, is one of only three known contagious cancers in the world. The disease affects the devils’ ability to hunt and eat, leading to starvation and a slow and painful death.

DFTD has decimated devil populations across Tasmania. Tasmanian devils still living in the wild on the Tasman Peninsula represent the last isolated, natural population of disease-free, wild devils in the world.

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo has a long history of supporting the effort to save the Tasmanian devil, and is a partner in the official Tasmanian Devil Conservation Project. This critical project aims to save Tasmanian devils on the Tasman Peninsula by preventing the spread of the DFTD to the region.

Take My Hands are an NZ-based not-for-profit who connect those in need of medical supplies with those that can provide them while taking advantage of spare shipping capacity. This ensures minimal overheads in getting the supplies to people that urgently need them – they light-heartedly sum it up as “Uber meets Tinder” for hospital equipment.

They’ve faced some challenges around asset management, maintaining velocity with automating data processes, and having ready access to up-to-date data.

The Data4Good team have been working alongside Altis Consulting to provide Project Management and Technical Consultation, delivery a POC, assisting in tool selection, migrating data from the current spreadsheet process, and delivering reports that shed light on the benefits of having an integrated CRM and Asset & Inventory system. The outcomes of this project will help Take My Hands more easily manage benefits to the thousands of individuals across 15 countries that they support as they continue to reuse and recycle medical equipment rather than adding it to landfill. Take My Hands are hoping to share the outcomes of this project with other not-for-profits, which sits beautifully with their philosophy of connecting those that have with those in need.