By Veronica Coyle, Data4Good Lead 

Big Group Hug works with local communities to respond to the immediate material needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families.  They collect urgently needed items such as nappies, clothing, prams and cots, for distribution through Maternal and Child Health workers and other community organisations.

When Data4Good first met with Big Group Hug, they told us that like many charities, they have seen a big jump in the number of requests for help in recent months.   So, in order to reach more people in need and to improve their impact, they are planning to open a new depot.  They wanted to use data to ensure that the new location would reach people in need, while also being in a community where they could source volunteers.

Data4Good matched data-volunteer Robin to the Big Group Hug project. Robin has a background in economics and does work in urban economics which includes using data to determine where infrastructure should go. Using his data knowledge and skills, Robin quickly produced a proof of concept application which considered a variety of inputs for the decision on where to position the new depot.  Sliders enable users to change the weight of the different inputs and to immediately see the results.

Based on discussions with Big Group Hug and feedback on the initial concept, Robin quickly refined the model and produced a final report including data-driven recommendations for the new depot location. The report provided in-depth analysis and insights and was very well received.  Great work, Robin!!

Here’s what Big Group Hug had to say about the project:

D4G met the brief perfectly. I could not be happier. The data has validated my intuition and also provided more comprehensive information than I was expecting.

This data will be used to apply for funding for a warehouse in the areas of need that is referenced. The data and the pictorial representation is a powerful representation and persuasive indication of the geographical need in Victoria.

If you are a not for profit and would like to see how data can help support your decisions, we’d love to help!!

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In addition to leading Data4Good and overseeing projects and volunteers, Veronica is a Principal Consultant at Altis Consulting. With over 25 years’ experience in developing data solutions, she has extensive hands-on experience planning, managing, architecting and delivering successful Information Management and Business Intelligence solutions across a wide range of industries.