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Webinar: Saving Tassie DevilsUsing Machine Learning for Good
Location: Via Zoom Link (registration required)
Date: Wednesday 18th May 2022
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm AEST (2:00pm-3:00pm NZST)
Accessibility: Closed Captions will be available through Zoom
Cost: Free

Saving the Tasmanian devil is one of the world’s great wildlife conservation projects. This is a real life and death challenge, not just to save a species, but to understand the nature of a new and terrible form of cancer – Devil Facial Tumour Disease” – The Tasmanian Nature Company.

Phoebe, a volunteer for Data4Good and Senior Consultant for our founding sponsor, Altis Consulting, is working on the team that is using Machine Learning in a bid to recognise tassie devils from imagery taken out in the field with the aim to assess population health. Phoebe will talk about the technology used in this Data4Good project and what they hope to achieve as a long term goal. This critical project enhances the technological aspects being used as one of the measures protecting Tasmanian devils on the Tasman Peninsula. There are some elements though where help is required from other organisations and we’re keen to track down and connect with those groups.




Sylvia Howes – Host, Data4Good

Speaker 1

Speaker 1

Phoebe Parker –​ “Using Machine Learning to create image recognition techniques to identify and save our Tasmanian Devil population”



A chance for the audience to ask questions

Speaker Bio

Phoebe Parker
Senior Consultant | Altis Consulting
Volunteer | Data4Good

Phoebe is a Senior Consultant who works as a data engineer for our founding sponsor, Altis Consulting. While studying Mathematics and Computer Science at La Trobe University she discovered a love for data. At Altis, she is working with clients across the data pipeline to help them with their data solutions. She believes in data equity and in her free time she volunteers with Data4Good, with a passion on solving community and global issues.


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