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Webinar: Teaching Teachers – Getting Confident to Start Teaching AI
Location: Via Zoom Link (registration required)
Date: Thursday, 24th November 2022
Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEDT (9:00pm-10:00pm NZDT)
Accessibility: Closed Captions will be available through Zoom
Cost: Free

This is AI/ML 101 for teachers. Thinking about what direction you’re taking your classes for next year and wondering how to include some STEM activities? Need inspiration for incorporating AI and ML in your digital technologies/ STEM or inquiry curriculum? Have a class that you know wants to do cool things with Machine Learning but don’t know where to start, or feel constrained by budgets and time? This is the Webinar for you.

Sharing from her vast data background with a passion to get kids involved, Catriona Botterill will show you why this is essential teaching and how it covers the curriculum, she’ll demystify what is meant by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and will give you some ideas about activities you can feel comfortable taking your students through. Aimed at later primary school, but also useful for early high school teachers, this Webinar cuts through the huge amount of time that Catriona has spent gathering the right material, and short tracks your understanding of AI/ML to quickly make you feel comfortable to share your newfound knowledge and get your students excited about some STEM activities that they can delve into.




Sylvia Howes – Host, Data4Good

Speaker 1

Speaker 1

Catriona Botterill –​ “Getting Confident to Start Teaching AI”



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Speaker Bio

Catriona Botterill
STEM/ Digital Learning Leader | St Joseph’s Hawthorn

Catriona is an innovative and experienced STEM leader with a demonstrated commitment, expertise and passion for the integration of established and emerging technologies across all primary school year levels. Drawing upon real world industry experience, Catriona is dedicated to facilitating and promoting STEM literacy through developing transferable skills, habits and capabilities essential to connect with life outside the classroom. She is passionate about building skills for success in a rapidly changing world. She is an experienced curator and designer of STEM units across all primary school levels with an emphasis on digital technologies, engineering (capabilities), mathematics and design thinking.


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