Webinar: World Oceans Day



Webinar: Using Ocean Data To Help Understand Climate Change
Location: Via Zoom Link (registration required)
Monday 7th June 2021
12:00pm – 1:00pm AEST (2:00pm-3:00pm NZST)

This webinar was inspired by World Oceans Day which unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our blue planet. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean, yet the majority of it is still waiting to be explored! The oceans are the master regulators of the water cycle, climate, the oxygen that we breathe, and even most of our food that we grow, making it our most valuable natural resource.

We have one shared ocean that connects us all and by working together we can and will protect and restore our ocean.




Veronica Coyle – Host, Data4Good

Speaker 1

Speaker 1

Prof. Matthew England – “The ocean’s pay-back from global warming”

The oceans play a fundamental role in moderating extremes of climate and slowing down the rate of global warming.  But they don’t do this without changing, and these changes will transform our coastlines, alter the polar ice caps, and raise sea-levels by many meters, with potentially disastrous impacts for humankind.

Speaker 2

Speaker 2

Prof. Robert Harcourt – “Animals as the New Oceanographers”

Understanding where and how the oceans are changing is of fundamental importance not only to humans but to the ocean’s inhabitants. We are measuring how animals respond to ocean change, and the animals help us by collecting data from extreme, remote and difficult to access areas which for them are simply their home, such as under the Antarctic ice.



A chance for the audience to ask questions

Speakers Bios

Professor Matthew England
Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, UNSW Climate Change Research Centre

Prof. England’s research explores global-scale ocean circulation and the influence it has on regional climate, large-scale physical oceanography, ocean modelling, and climate processes, with a particular focus on the Southern Hemisphere. Using ocean and coupled climate models in combination with observations, he studies how ocean currents affect climate and climate variability on time scales of seasons to centuries. His work has made significant impact on the treatment of water-mass physics in models, on the methodologies of assessment of ocean and climate models, on our understanding of large-scale Southern Hemisphere climate models, and on the mechanisms for regional climate variability over Australia.

Professor Robert Harcourt
Professor of Marine Ecology & Facility Leader, Animal Tracking, Integrated Marine Observing System, Dept of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University

Professor Rob Harcourt lectures in Marine Science and is an expert in marine biology, specialising in marine conservation, marine ecosystems, animal behaviour and ecology. He leads the Marine Predator Research Group and Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System Animal Tracking Facility. He studies how marine animals respond to human impacts, such as alteration of oceanographic processes due to climate change, marine habitat degradation, shipping and fisheries interactions. His research has made valuable contributions to conservation of large marine vertebrates including sharks, seals, and whales through drafting species recovery plans for the Federal Government and providing expert comments to state and federal government, NGOs and the United Nations Environment Program. He is an Expert Witness, Chairs International Committees, sits on Ecological Risk Assessment Technical panels and has authored multiple public submissions.



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