World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Webinar – Using Data to Prevent Human Trafficking

Thursday 30th July 2020
Time 5:00pm-6:00pm AEST

July 30 is the UN’s World Day against Trafficking in Persons. People trafficking and modern-day slavery is a massive worldwide problem with very few countries immune to human trafficking. It occurs right here in Australia and New Zealand, and our Data4Good World Day against Trafficking in Persons webinar aims to raise awareness in order to inspire people to use data to take action. Sometimes trafficking is closer to home than you’d realise. Awareness encourages prevention and we’ve got some great speakers lined up to share how they are using data to help prevent human trafficking.

There will also be specific opportunities for volunteers to be involved with preventing human trafficking, so join us to hear where you can help.

Speaker 1:
Carolyn Liaw
Carolyn Liaw will be sharing insights into modern slavery in Australia including human trafficking, forced labour and forced marriage. Carolyn will speak on what is being done to prevent and address modern slavery and explore the potential for data to have a significant impact in this space.

Carolyn works for Anti-Slavery Australia, a legal, research and policy centre at the University of Technology Sydney. Anti-Slavery Australia provides free legal and migration support to survivors of modern slavery in Australia and is currently assisting hundreds of people across Australia. Carolyn coordinates Anti-Slavery Australia’s research, policy and law reform work.

Speaker 2: Brian Iselin
Brian will be talking about slavefreetrade, a startup tech NGO building a global community of organisations wanting to deal in goods and services proved to have harmed nobody in the making. They are building the world’s biggest human rights data project; a distributed human rights intelligence system. The project cultivates human rights data from workplaces and organisations, analysing, packaging, and distributing to those whose buying decisions can be influenced by their primary source data; consumers, public procurers, investors.

Brian is the Founder and CEO of International NGO, slavefreetrade, headquartered in Geneva. Brian is Australian with 6 years in the Australian Army, 13 years a Federal Agent, and the last 18 years specialising in counter-slavery operations around the world in 50 countries.


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