Ever wondered what pollinators visit your favourite flowers? Take 10 minutes to watch flowers in your garden or local park and take note of what you see! Then enter what you’ve seen into our database. We’ve also made a handy Wild Pollinator Count Tally Sheet to print out and use to record your observations in the garden.

The spring 2020 count will run from the 8th to the 15th of November.

  1. During the observation week, choose any day that is sunny, warm and calm. These weather conditions are important, as many insects don’t like flying when it’s cold, raining or very windy. If there is a shower of rain, wait at least an hour and for the sun to come out before doing your observation. Some pollinators don’t fly in strong winds, so make sure it is calm or only lightly breezy when you perform your observation.
  2. Find a flowering plant or tree in your garden, or in a local park. You need to tell us what the plant is, so make sure you know the common or scientific name. Choose a single large flower, or a group of smaller flowers within your visible range (see Counting FAQ).

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