By Chloe Green, Charity Digital

Small charities are sitting on a gold mine of data that can transform their fundraising.

The collection and analysis of data can be a valuable tool in helping charities respond to the needs of their users and take the guesswork out of fundraising.

But it can sometimes feel like it isn’t a level playing field – you’ve got the big charities with budgets and staff to play with on one end, and the small charities on the other, for whom access to the world of data can seem like a privilege that isn’t theirs.

The Institute of Fundraising’s report ’What’s data got to do with it: a beginners guide to data’ puts it this way: “For many charities, the time and resources needed to collect, analyse and implement data as part of the decision-making process can seem like an unaffordable luxury. In addition to stretched budgets and busy staff, it may seem overwhelming to fundraisers to deal with the sheer amount of data that exists if they feel they or their team lack the knowledge they need to get started.”

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