By Daniel Farber-Ball, CTECH

“We are not here to replace therapists, we are here to empower them with human-centered AI. We are here to give them superpowers,” said Alon Rabinovich, co-founder and CTO of Eleos Health, an Israeli startup that is looking to improve mental health and talk therapy by using machine learning. “You know, the ‘state-of-the-art’ tools that therapists are using are notebooks. So the goal is to have all the interesting, all the essence of the sessions already kind of tracked for them. So we are not here to replace them. We are here to equip them with more capabilities.”

“We developed a care intelligence solution that leverages in-session data to help drive both clinical and administrative efficiency,” Rabinovich explained. “We analyze the data of the session and we help clinicians to be more efficient by auto-generating clinical notes, saving them time, and reducing burnout. And we also give clinical insights that are related to the quality of the care, such as subjects or techniques the therapist has been using. And the whole vision is to deconstruct this realm to be more personalized and predictive, with the use of technology.”

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