by Melissa Baer and Jemma Penelope

Consumers and producers know that the food we grow and the agriculture we rely upon is no-longer simply about dollars and commodity foods. Our food and our agriculture is an opportunity for us to acknowledge that future prosperity both on and off farm depends on integrated, informed and increasingly data-driven systems.

We no longer have the luxury of returning to our previously deeply siloed thinking and linear solutions. Today’s challenges are too complex and multifaceted. And ahead of us lies a proposed future ‘singularity’ representing a coming age of abundance where all products, solutions, food preferences and production methods must co-exist. Solutions to such sustainable agricultural and food production challenges require us to bring together economics and markets, nature and ecology, society and social science. These make up the pillars of sustainability. Manual systems of third-party Certification were the previous generation’s first response to the sustainability challenge.

For current and future generations, the solutions lie in transparency and nuanced data storytelling. In this three part series, we explain why.

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