By Sohini Mitter,

Deeptech startup Continual Engine uses AI, ML, computer vision, and NLP to make complex images and documents accessible to the visually impaired and those with special learning needs. It has impacted over 100,000 learners, and has clients from leading academic publishers to Fortune 500 companies.

Entrepreneur Mousumi Kapoor checks many boxes.

IIT grad, check. Female founder, check. Woman in STEM, check.

After spending nearly two decades in data and analytics roles at organisations in the US and India, Mousumi wants to check one more box — AI for Good.

‘AI for Good’ is a large global movement fostered by the United Nations. It involves using Artificial Intelligence and other deeptech to solve the most urgent challenges facing humanity. Mousumi’s startup Continual Engine is an extension of that vision.

Founded in 2018, Continual Engine is an AI-enabled education startup that uses deeptech to find simpler, affordable, and more effective ways to make learning content more accessible.

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