by Sofar Ocean

The Ever Given, grabbed headlines after becoming stranded in the Suez Canal and blocking traffic for nearly a week. The massive ship weighed 200,000 tonnes and measured 400m in length; the task of unsticking this behemoth led to delays in the shipping industry, huge costs for the global economy, and, of course, great internet memes.

But, while the Ever Given impacted about $9.6 billion in global trade, a much bigger crisis looms on the horizon. The Suez Canal operation coincides with World Meteorological Day, celebrated annually by the World Meteorological Organization on March 23. This year’s event focused on the oceans, our climate, and weather: specifically, how understanding links between these three variables can help us improve weather forecasts, assess the impacts of climate change, and manage water resources.

Both events, along with other major recent shipping disasters, highlighted the need for better ocean and marine weather forecasts. Here’s how real-time data can help the ocean freight logistics industry and others be prepared for the future.

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