by Beyond Essential

In disaster response, getting information to the right people as quickly as possible is absolutely critical. This is where Tupaia is helping.

Tupaia provides a map pinpointing every health facility across ten countries in the Pacific

When a disaster strikes, local and international response and recovery teams mobilise to assess the damage. These teams aim to restore critical services as quickly as possible — particularly medical care.

Pre and post disaster surveys in Tupaia MediTrak

Tupaia is available to these response teams with a secure, online/offline data collection tool in Tupaia MediTrak, a free application for Android and iOS that can be used to assess and record damage. The app automatically pushes information to a data aggregation and visualisation platform that displays what medical services and facilities are available or affected. Information can also be aggregated in real-time from disease surveillance platforms or weather apps. Where the recovery effort is likely to be drawn out, Tupaia functions as an essential tool in establishing what interim services are needed to cover the gaps.

In a disaster, network connection is hardly reliable, so Tupaia MediTrak allows response teams and health staff to collect data offline, which will sync when the mobile device comes back into range. As soon as Tupaia syncs, the data is made available to local disaster response coordinators, donors and experts around the world. Responders can even take photos within Tupaia MediTrak, which are then displayed on the website, providing an accurate representation of the situation on the ground.

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