by TechHQ

In the US, The Bright Initiative worked with the community service project ‘Find A Shot’, which enabled Covid-19 vaccine availability at pharmacies across the country when supply was limited. While that project has concluded due to sufficient vaccine supply, The Bright Initiative continues providing pro bono data-collecting know-how to those involved in the field, whether it is by supporting further tools for fast diagnostics or driving forward vital research.

The Bright Initiative is also supporting the implementation of the UK’s National Data Strategy (NDS), working with the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and a range of other partners on projects to help realise the strategy’s social and economic ambitions. In The Bright Initiative’s view, the NDS is creating an opportunity for enhanced transparency across the British economy and society, underpinned by a commitment to ethical data usage and skills. So far, The Bright Initiative has facilitated discussions between business leaders and UK Ministers. It has also been working closely with the prestigious Institute for Government think tank and has convened a meeting of senior public sector data professionals and Government officials who are leading delivery of the NDS.

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