by Mark Minevich, Global Digital Cognitive Strategist, Digital Visionary, Artificial Intelligence expert, Venture Capitalist, Innovation CTO, author & AI contributor to

The global pandemic has given us all an opportunity to pause for thought and take stock of what is and what is not important. More and more businesses are turning to AI to become more sustainable, smarter and to better react to changing market conditions, as well as to ensure health, safety and social impact of our planet. We need a future where you can do the things you love; live the life you deserve and take the time to grow with nature and nurture the things that inspire you to help others.

From pandemic prevention and fighting cancer, to fighting hunger, wildlife conservation and boosting accessibility, this article will explore exactly how AI is doing well by doing good. AI use cases can help towards overallĀ  adaptation in preventing wildfires, diagnosing deadly diseases, mitigating risks posed in critical areas as well as predictive analysis and monitoring to make our planetĀ more resilient in the near future.

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