Data4Good Conference

Sydney, Thursday 28 March 2019

Data4Good Conference

Sydney, Thursday 28 March 2019

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Corporate $250 | Not-For-Profit $150 | Students only $50

Be inspired.

This inspirational day will offer tangible insights and creative approaches from speakers who are using data for positive change across industries including the environment, health, communities and much more.

This one-day program features a series of case studies from leading organisations that are leveraging data for good.

In this not to be missed event, you will learn from expert speakers and hear about innovative data driven projects showcasing practical skills and strategies that you can apply directly to your role and organisation.

Capt. Warwick Norman will take us through working with the United Nations to drastically reduce carbon emissions of freighters, which generate 3% of worldwide emissions.

Patrick O’Meley of TGA discusses how data can be used to support patient safety with the development of an early identification solution for faulty medical equipment.

Pete Yao will be sharing the Thankyou story – how to use consumer data and financial metrics to create positive social impact.

…and many more

Reasons to attend

So many data conferences and learning opportunities focus solely on data and analytics to drive growth and profitability but miss the essential questions around ethics and positive change. This conference fills that gap.

Learn real world positive data solutions – case studies from experts that showcase how data and analytics is making a positive difference.

Networking – Meet with people who are interested in data for good which will open up opportunities, insights and further connections.