Delegates seated by 9am


MC Welcome and Introduction

Our MC will take us through how and why the Data4Good movement started and the motivation behind bringing Data4Good to Australia.


Warwick Norman

  • Reducing carbon emissions on the high seas – the story of how data was used to drastically reduce carbon emissions of freighters.
  • The use of data to improve international shipping safety standards
  • How data is driving industry behaviour on Carbon emissions
  • The importance of data sharing to do good
  • The biggest dangers facing shipping and maritime safety and CO2 standards


Patrick O’Meley

Patrick O’Meley of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will talk about how data can be used to support patient safety with the development of an early identification solution for faulty medical equipment.


Blair Hudson

Focusing on case studies of some of Sydney’s leading NFPs on how they are using innovative techniques to collate and use data to help more people.


Morning Tea


Renzo Mostacci

Renzo Mostacci of Uniting will be speaking about how they are using analytics to significantly improve safety standards in their centres.


Aviva Beecher Kelk

Clickability – Australian Disability Services

  • Why organisations in the social sector need to tap into their under-utilised data
  • How data can be used to empower families using social services
  • The importance of making data usable to bridge the gap between research and practice


Tania Brown

Harnessing social media data to benefit Government and Individuals during an emergency and using this data to go from reactive to proactive during emergencies. The project (PetaJakarta.org) has been acknowledged as the best practice of crowdsourced information in an emergency situation.




Pete Yao

Pete Yao of the Thankyou brand will be sharing their inspirational story and how to use consumer data and financial metrics to create positive social impact. He will also be covering how to think outside the data box when you’ve got limited resources.


Anthony Kachenko

  • The greening of Australia through data
  • The data science behind making Australian cities greener
  • Making sense of environmental data
  • How data and analytics can be the catalyst for positive environmental change


Neil Shah

Neil will be covering who Datakind is and how Datakind works with the social/Non profit sector in Singapore to empower them to make data driven decisions. He will take us through the data science behind the initiative led to protect Singapore’s endangered Banded Leaf Monkey, understanding the data trends for Community Justice Centre (CJC) and increasing campaign effectiveness for National Volunteer & Philanthropy centre (NVPC).


Founding Sponsor Thank you – Hyun Choi



Join a few of our speakers as they answer and discuss questions from the floor.


MC Thank you and close


Networking Drinks and canapes

Join us for a relaxed and fun networking evening with like minded people passionate about using data to better the world.